Today, doctors and nurses train for years in specific disease states and the technical and clinical guidelines for therapies. Their focus is to help communicate these complexities to a patient while managing expectations--and they often must do so with limited resources. Patients are overwhelmed and react to changes in their health in different ways. 

The tendency in healthcare is to offer as much education to patients as possible, in hopes that in a time of crisis, the patient will have the information they need to achieve comfort or reassurance, or to find the answer. Patients, however, are often not ready to receive the information or are unable to digest complex medical terms; key details get lost in a sea of paperwork and other stresses.  We have worked with healthcare organizations looking to understand what patients need during this time and have found innovative solutions that meet these needs. We design tools and services that empower patients and meet them where they are in a language they understand. 


our methods 

Human-centered Design
Behavior Design
Experience Prototyping
Journey Mapping
Data Visualization
Information Design