We’ve just submitted an entry into the Open Ideo Challenge that asks: “How might we all maintain wellbeing and thrive as we age?”

This felt right up our alley as it is being put on jointly with the Mayo Clinic and addresses how to help the growing aging population remain healthy into their older years.

We started by considering the current needs and challenges that we know and understand and applied our own narratives to make the ideas come to life. One unmet need that we see emerge time and time again is the frustration of adult children and helping to manage their parents’ care from afar. Another unmet need is the challenges of older patients to make confident and informed decisions. To address these needs we imagined a tool that enables older patients and their adult-child caregivers make more confident treatment decisions together, be more involved in their healthcare, and build the skills to better the conversations with their physician.

You can take a look at our wireframe submission here. Join the community, “applaud” us and take a look at the other submissions from around the world.