We’ve been pretty lucky to have been a part of 3 pretty cool things recently.

In June, we opened the Institute for the Future’s Health Horizons 2014conference. This conference focused on living longer and aging well. Our panel, called the “Design Thinking Jumpstart”, lead a group of very forward thinking individuals through an interactive immersion of best practices and insight seeking methods in how to design for aging populations.

Secondly, we received a fellowship from the Public Policy Lab, a non-profit, organization that is working with the Department of Education. We were pretty stoked to share our methods, and what we know about human-centered design and apply it in the education sector.

And lastly, we were a part of the New York Restoration Project’s Resilience in the Public Realm workshop. This is a multi-year initiative to improve quality of life in one low-income, New York City neighborhood. The goal is to create an open space network designed to disrupt cycles of poor health and entrenched poverty by transforming vacant lots, parks, community gardens, medians, housing developments and sidewalks holistically.

Pretty neat stuff, eh?

Stay tuned. We’re working on some website tweaks including some job openings here at Diagram!