It’s almost Spring, right?

We’ve been trying to stay warm by working away in our studio and only going out for the necessary provisions (see, beer).

And now with Spring right around the corner, we’re looking for people to collaborate with!

  • A technologist- this should be a person who has familiarity working with startups and new product development; some technology related business experience preferred. Open to anyone awesome
  • A software engineer- doesn’t need a ton of experience, but be able to work with us and contribute their expertise to an existing project; builds are fairly simple but should be open minded; the ideal trifecta would be 1. a smart programmer, 2. has a love for working with designers, 3. is interested in entrepreneurial ventures

If you are or know any of the above, please get in touch!

Lastly, check out the one sheet that we’ve created to share a little more about what we do here at Diagram and pass it along to your friend, eh?

Diagram, out