Welcome to our new intern!

Gina has actually been here for about a month now, and boy are we glad.

Here are her own words:
A New York Native, Gina is a quirky designer excited to work at the Diagram Office. She is currently a MFA candidate for Design for Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts, where she is working on projects around the topics of autism and inclusion. When she’s not drowning herself in work, she loves museum hopping, attempting to master her penny board, or having Netflix marathons.

Random facts: Enjoys rainy days, Has attachment problems to her dog, Piper, Obsessed with Serial podcast, Teal = favorite color

In our words she’s awesome.
She even made a cute little GIF as her intro.

We’re looking for talent, so if you’re interested hit us up. (and no, we don’t ONLY hire people with 4 letters in their name. We are EOE. 5, 6 or 7 letter names will also be considered)

Happy Holidays,