How exciting is this? Just in time for summer reading "Healthcare, Disrupted" has been published and a project that we've been working on is in it!

For the last year and a half, we have been working together with Digitas LBI's Digital Innovation Group and AstraZeneca to build a digital coaching service for people recovering from a heart attack:
"AstraZeneca, is partnering with Vida Health, Inc. to offer an app called 'Day by Day' designed to help cardiac patients connect with coaches who will encourage them to follow through on their doctors' recommendations after they are discharged from the hospital, and in between visits to the doctor's office. For AstraZeneca, the app (which does not bear its name) will provide a way to track how well patients follow their medicine regimens when recovering from a heart attack or a cardiac operation. And it will work with other companies' drugs as well as AstraZeneca's offerings. So while AstraZeneca might not derive an exclusive benefit in terms of increased drug sales through 'Day by Day,' the app will provide valuable information that will facilitate AstraZeneca's push to create a care platform for patients with chronic illnesses."

We have been very involved with this project helping the team to prototype and iterate the end product. Since the beginning they have understood the need to continuously co-design with the end users throughout the product development process. We are very proud of the final output and excited to work together to evolve and expand its reach.