Autumn is in full tilt and so are we. What have we been up to you ask? Here’s the rundown:

  • Met some interesting people at a Health 2.0 meetup at Emblem Health. Healthcare is all the rage (thanks obamacare!) and we wanted to check out the conversations that were happening
  • The School of Visual Arts has also started and I’m (Tina) teaching the second term of graduate thesis in the Design for Social Innovation Program. Teaching has been a fantastic experience. It’s caused me to remember what it was like to be a grad student and be able to talk to my teachers about their work and hear their stories. Miya came in last week and took over the lecture hour to give a quick and dirty lesson on behavior design (a la BJ Fogg)
  • Been meeting up with some “blasts from the past” people over at Renoleum and BioLite to name a few
  • We made (and unfortunately lost) our submission into the Knight NewsChallenge. We thought up of a little idea called Patient Zero, that takes information in aggregate, and visualizes it, to help track and prevent the flu. It’s under a creative commons license and we’re going to continue to develop this, because we love the idea!
  • Submitted some work for a challenge put on my Eli Lilly, that focuses on re-designing clinical trial information for patients.
  • Just got back from the Quantified Self Conference where we got to catch up on our favorite data mongerers and enjoyed watching, listening, and talking to individuals and groups who are looking at what is interesting in biometrics- some of our favorites were Dr. Paul Abramson, an MD running his own quant-friendly practice that uses patient self-tracking as a way to change behavior and Doug Kanter over at databetes who’s really working hard at trying to make diabetes data simple and easy to use.

Lots of fun!

In addition, we’re working hard on putting some visuals up on our site now that we’ve got some things that we can share, so stay tuned for some new additions.

As always, reach out (info at diagram office dot com) if you want to chat by phone, email, skype, etc… better yet, come by and we’ll have a beer.
Until next time,